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Revenge de L'Acadie

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

Revenge de L'Acadie - Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

In 1755 French colonists were deported from the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, then the capital region of Acadia, or l'Acadie. This Great Expulsion saw many Acadians settle in southern Louisiana where they would help create what evolved into Cajun culture and cuisine. This Louisiana style fermented hot sauce, 100% locally grown and produced in the Annapolis Valley, pays tribute to those displaced Acadians/Cajuns as it's searing heat takes revenge... on your taste buds.

Great on eggs, pizza, soups, salads, turkey, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, fish, or everywhere to add heat and flavour!

Ingredients: cayenne peppers, l'Acadie Blanc wine vinegar, water, onion, Nova Scotia sea salt, pear vinegar, garlic

We start with locally grown Cayenne peppers picked at their peak of ripeness. They are combined with some roasted onion and roasted garlic, and processed into a mash. We pack the pepper mash with sea salt harvested from the Bay of Fundy, and a bit of salt water brine, and then let them ferment for a few months and then age a few months more. Lacto-fermentation converts the sugars into lactic acid to develop more complex flavours while the acid helps preserve the peppers.

While the peppers are busy doing their thing, we take local L'Acadie Blanc white wine and convert it to vinegar and then let it age a few months as well. When both the peppers and vinegar are ready we combine the two to make this tangy flavourful hot sauce.