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Canning Sauce Company. Canning, Nova Scotia
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Our Sauces

Hot Sauces

We love hot sauce. In our fridge we have a multitude of hot sauces. Besides our own, of course, we always have bottles of other local hot sauces produced by our colleagues (Rudi's, Maritime Madness, Snort'n Morton's, Firehall). And, probably like you do, we have the usual suspects in our fridge (Tobasco, Frank's, Sirriacha). Plus a few odd ball sauces we pick up from time to time. Yes, we love hot sauce.

We hope you try, and like, our sauces. They truely are unique, and maybe you'll add them into the mix in your fridge.

Below is our current line of hot sauces. Every one of them is made by hand, in small batches, right here in the Annapolis Valley from local ingredients.

  • Annapolis Heat - Apple Wood Smoked Roasted Jalapeno Hot Sauce mild-ish
  • Revenge de l'Acadie - Louisianna/Cajun Style Fermented Hot Sauce with l'Acadie Wine Vinegar medium hot
  • Smokin Cherry - Cherry Wood Smoked Cherry Hot Sauce hot
  • Annapaloupe - Cantaloupe Habanero Hot Sauce hot
  • Howling Apple - Lightly Smoked Apple Habanero & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce HOT!!
  • Death's Head - Wild Blackberry Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce VERY HOT!!

Harvest Table Pasta Sauces

In our home we have a large harvest table where we often gather with family and friends for fabulous meals and celebrate great food. Our Harvest Table line of pasta sauces let you enjoy the flavours of the Annapolis Valley's abundant harvests any time of the year.

Abandoned Orchard Sauces

More Sauces to Come!

We are experimenting with ideas and recipes and planning next years garden in anticipation of adding new sauces to our line up. Just wait till you see, and taste, what we come up with!