100% Locally Grown. Ready for Immediate Use. Refridgerate After Opening
Canning Sauce Company. Canning, Nova Scotia
100% locally grown ingredients

Telling Stories of the Land One Sauce at a Time

Nova Scotia is rich in both history and culture. The land has shaped our history, and our culture has shaped the land. We celebrate those stories through the flavours the land provides, and its history inspires each and every sauce we create.

We use ONLY 100% locally produced ingredients! And we mean every ingredient. Even the sea salt we use started as sea water harvested from the Nova Scotia coast line.

Freshly bottled Louisianna style hot sauce

Our Sauces

Hot Sauces

  • Annapolis Heat - Apple Wood Smoked Roasted Jalapeno Hot Sauce mild-ish
  • Revenge de l'Acadie - Louisianna/Cajun Style Fermented Hot Sauce with l'Acadie Wine Vinegar medium hot
  • Smokin Cherry - Cherry Wood Smoked Cherry Hot Sauce hot
  • Annapaloupe - Cantaloupe Habanero Hot Sauce hot
  • Howling Apple - Lightly Smoked Apple Habanero & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce HOT!!
  • Death's Head - Wild Blackberry Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce VERY HOT!!

Harvest Table Pasta Sauces

Abandoned Orchard Sauces

In this, our first year of production, quantities are very very limited and we are only selling at select Farmers Markets in Nova Scotia. If you would like to know which markets we will be at, and when, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also check this page here were we'll post which markets we are attending.